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Chateau Carsin

The first time Carsin was mentioned in the history books was in 1759. At the time, it was a croft of a bigger castle. Many historians have said that the Romans have lived on this land.

In early 1990, Château Carsin was purchased by Finnish wine enthusiast Juha Berglund and his sisters.

At the time, they introduced New World technological practices to Bordeaux. 

They established contacts with Australian winery engineers which opened up a whole range of possibilities and a totally modern winery was ordered from Australia.  For 14 years their head winemaker was Australian Mandy Jones (Rutherglen, Victoria). 

Initially they concentrated on cellar work, however over the years their winemaking philosophy has changed and today they put more effort into their work in the vineyard and less in the cellar.  They create wines with minimal intervention, putting the emphasis in presenting the authentic characters of the soils in their different vineyards. Biodynamic practices are now followed.

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