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chateau de fontenille blanc domaine de la croix irrésistible rosé chateau haut vigneau red wine from Graves in Bordeaux achille princier champagne chateau jolys cuvée jean jurancon moelleux dessert wine









DiscoverVin offers a unique range of authentic French wines.

We specialise in good value wines from Bordeaux and the hidden gems of South West France.

As well, we offer exciting wines from exceptional independent producers in Provence, Rhone Valley, Loire Valley, Burgundy and Champagne.  

We want to share with you, our passion for the wines of these regions. 

The team at DiscoverVin has done the hard work to select the best value wines from the best producers.  

French wines that we know Aussie palates will love.

Come join us in a discovery of some diverse and good value wines.


"Yet another well-priced import from the south-west of France from the team at DiscoverVin, who seem to have the knack of sniffing out bargains..."-Wine writer Winsor Dobbin 

"Nice to see that you have a great range on your site in Australia! Lovely wines!" -Nick Stephens Bordeaux Undiscovered (UK)

"I just placed my second order of wine. Last lot was great value, well done folks, looking forward to more great value French wine!"
-Gerry, customer

"One of our favourite companies in Australia flies under most radars but brings enormous pleasure to those in the know. Their passion for particular wines drives them to identify and deliver bottlesful of delight to Aussie enthusiasts."

- Ian MacTavish This Magnificent Life

chateau la rayre rose and chateau jolys jurancon sec


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All of our wines are imported, stored and transported under temperature controlled conditions. 

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