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Bordeaux is a name synonymous with fine wine. The Romans first grew wine in this region (and called the city Burdigala). It is now a vast wine-growing region of more than 100,000 hectares. The names of the sub-regions such as Sauternes, Pomerol, St-Emilion, Margaux, Graves are well known and in many cases these wines are at the pinnacle of price and quality. But next door to these famous vineyards, often separated by a fence or a marker or a river many thousands of hectares of vineyards producing good value high quality wines. There are 60 different appellations in all and many of the perhaps lesser known appellations such as the Cotes de Bordeaux, Canon-Fronsac, Entre-Deux-Mers and others offer great value for money. These are some of the wines that DiscoverVin™ wants to bring to Australia.

The system of classification, the names, the maze of places is sometimes bewildering. DiscoverVin™ wants to cut through this classification system and offer good value wines, regardless of the specific appellation or place that the wine comes from. Purchasing through DiscoverVin™ you will feel confident to order any of our wines, knowing that we have done the hard work to find the best value wines.

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