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"Cahors is that rarest of all wines: both a rising star and a timeless classic." --The Guardian (UK) April 2013

The Cahors region is a gorgeous region with historic villages, castles and spectacular views. The Lot River winds through a high limestone plateau and defines the geography of this picturesque area, with vineyards meandering along the river.

The wines of Cahors are exclusively red. The main grape variety in Cahors is Malbec  (sometimes  known as Auxerrois or Cot). It gives a deep coloured juice, almost black, with rich tannins.  Its aroma suggests cherries, damson plums and soft black fruits, particularly when young.  With age the wine darkens, develops suppleness, complexity and length with aromas of violets and liquorice to gamey flavours when old. Argentina has been making some great malbecs and as a result many people have been looking again at Cahors, the spiritual home of Malbec to look at benchmark wines.

This is considered an up and coming region in France with a great improvement in quality in recent years and increasing recognition world-wide that some great wines are being being produced. As a result prices are on the increase. There has been speculation that a classification system will be introduced in order to indentify the best terroirs in the region.

If you are interested in learning more about Cahors, or just passionate about travel, France and wine here is a link to a fabulous short video  about Cahors

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