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Francs-Cotes de Bordeaux

Four of the five Bordeaux Côtes have created a new, simpler AOC/appellation in a bid to make their wines easier for the consumer to understand. 

In a decision which would streamline Bordeaux’s 57 appellations, the new AOC, comprising

  • Côtes de Blaye
  • Côtes de Castillon
  • Côtes de Franc
  • Premiere Côtes de Bordeaux

together will be called Côtes de Bordeaux.

Cotes de Bourg decided to remain outside of this unified system.

Premieres Côtes de Bordeaux became known as Cadillac-Côtes de Bordeaux.

The Cotes de Bordeaux-Blaye, Bourg, Côtes de Castillon; Côtes de Francs and Premiere Côtes de Bordeaux all have a long history of wine production.  The wines will generally have more character than a straight Bordeaux A0C and provide great value.

Francs Cotes de Bordeaux is one of the "rising stars" of the Bordeaux appelations according to Bordeaux expert Oz Clarke. Chateau Peygueraud is the leading producer of the appellation producing stunning merlot based red wines.

Grapes have been grown here since the time of the romans. For millenia this has been considered a premium site for growing wine grapes. Since 1855 the left bank appellations of the medoc have taken the limelight. A new generation of university trained wine-makers, are taking the grapes form proven terroir such as this and using modern techniques to produce outstanding and value for money wines.

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